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Galvanized steel sheet

The panels ALUCELL series STEEL are produced by laminating the aluminum honeycomb by gluing to galvanized steel sheets. The high mechanical strength of the coatings gives the final panel excellent mechanical properties.

These panels are particularly suitable for all those applications where good mechanical strength is required and where it is less important the weight savings. The good performance/cost ratio makes them suitable for use as coatings or as support panels for raised floors. The panels ALUCELL series STEEL are certified as a material with limited flame spread – (a) decorative veneers as per directive MED 96/98/EC and its subsequent amendments. If used with extruded profiles system, these panels can be used to make certified “C” class divisions.


All qualitative properties
of ALUCELL panels

Excellent resistance to bending and to shear and tensile stresses.

Excellent flatness and dimensional stability.

High Ratio mechanical performance / weight.

Good chemical resistance and resistance to atmospheric agents.

Easy to work with common tools for aluminum or wood.

Good resistance to paint systems within hot air oven (180 °C).


Certified as item MED A.1/3.18a (material with limitate flame spread) certif. N° MED121916CS/002

Mod B

Mod D

Certified with extruded profiles as item MED A.1/3.64 (“C” Class Divisions) certif. N° MED121916CS/001

Mod B

Mod D

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