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Coating in plastic laminate

ALUCELL HPL panels are the result of the combination of ALUCELL panels of the ALU series and decoration with plastic laminate foil (HPL).

The exposed face is plated with a foil of HPL while the back face remains with a mill finish, pre-painted or oxidized according to the aesthetic needs. This kind of panel allows to combine the strength and lightness of the aluminum composite panel with the decorative and valuable finish of the plastic laminate. It becomes the ideal semi finished product to create wall coverings on boats or furniture parts.
The application of the coating on the panel is obtained by means of adhesive guaranteed for continuous use at temperatures close to 90 °C.
The ALUCELL HPL panel is certified as a material with limited flame spread as specified by directive MED 96/98/EC and subsequent amendments. changes. When used with an appropriate edge protection profiles, ALUCELL HPL panels can be used to make certified Class C dividers.


All qualitative properties
of ALUCELL panels

Excellent resistance to bending and to shear and tensile stresses.

Excellent flatness and dimensional stability.

High Ratio mechanical performance / weight.

Good chemical resistance and resistance to atmospheric agents.

Easy to work with common tools for aluminum or wood.

Good resistance to paint systems within hot air oven (180 °C).


Certified as item MED A.1/3.18a (material with limitate flame spread) certif. N° MED121916CS/002

Mod B

Mod D

Certified with extruded profiles as item MED A.1/3.64 (“C” Class Divisions) certif. N° MED121916CS/001

Mod B

Mod D

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