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The panels ALUCELL series GRIDS are produced by gluing the aluminum honeycomb with two sheets of epoxy resin reinforced with glass fibers, each lamina has a microperforation that allows to the adhesive a better anchoring for the bonding of coatings.

This panel, designed specifically for the application of marble and natural stone, is characterized by high mechanical strength and allows to limit the thickness of the stone used ensuring planar surfaces with weight saving and very durable. Natural stones can be glued directly on the micro holled surface, achieving a panel with marble, granite or mosaic with excellent mechanical properties and reduced weigth.


All qualitative properties
of ALUCELL panels

Excellent resistance to bending and to shear and tensile stresses.

Excellent flatness and dimensional stability.

High Ratio mechanical performance / weight.

Good chemical resistance and resistance to atmospheric agents.

Easy to work with common tools for aluminum or wood.

Good resistance to paint systems within hot air oven (180 °C).

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